Miko Seafood AS is part of Miko-group that was established in 1972. Mikos activity can be traced back to 1971. Founder and engineer Fredrik Michelsen provided to have more legs to stand on.

He designed and delivered cranes while selling office machines (drawing boards and filing cabinets). In the early 1970s in northern Germany, a ship with a batch of oranges sank to the bottom of the sea. The ship was raised and sold at metal value while the oranges were transported to a juicer and then sold as juice. This trade fascinated entrepreneur Fredrik Michelsen who took with him the idea of recycling damaged consignments back to Norway. In this way, environmental protection and recycling became central values in Miko’s business idea. Today, Miko AS is a holding company for five operating companies, the work within marine environmental protection, plastic production of recycled plastic material, trade in damaged and obsolete consignments and real estate development.

Miko Seafood builds on the Miko spirit – to see new opportunities based on sustainability.

Products and services

Miko Seafood collaborates with different players in seafood and works especially with various products for export. We also procure goods for Miko-Trading AS, a company in the Miko group. We are also represented in Singapore with a representative who promotes products towards the high-end market – where Norwegian origin is central.

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Nicolai Michelsen
Board Member
Nicolai Michelsen has a master’s degree in engineering and is the founder and general manager of Miko Innovasjon AS He has over 30 years of experience in the marine and offshore industry. He took on a new role in Miko after 22 years as general manager of Miko Marine AS. These experiences make him an innovative leader with knowledge and creativity – this help Miko identify and commercialize good ideas and solutions.